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Warm Up With Hot Fall Layers and Outerwear

Warm Up With Hot Fall Layers and Outerwear

Warm up with hot fall layers and outerwear! Do your employees spend a lot of time outside while on the clock? These great pieces will show who they represent with quality and great looks.

Technical Clothing

Half-zips or full jackets, these Puma jackets are a great piece for high output activities. They are a great stand-alone garment, and also a super functional mid-layer, with Puma’s DRYCELL technology for wicking moisture. Your brand’s graphic will look slick no matter what decoration technique you use.



This Basecamp Thermal Jacket goes from offsite meetings to refrigerated storage then off to the mountains for the weekend with ease.


Style Wear

Fall is all about layering. This Roots73 vest makes it easy, and you can maintain your style, too. Brand placement is casual and clean, which makes it even more wearable for days off.

The Southland Hoody can be worn as a light jacket or a mid layer. It exudes a confident, casual style. Look at the great branding placements available on this garment:




Decoration Techniques

The possibilities are endless: Trimark has 6 different techniques available with HXD, Infusion and TrueEdge being exclusive to Trimark. Click here for more information on these amazing graphic styles or contact us.decoration-techniques

Giving Tech Gifts to Your Staff

Giving Tech Gifts to Your Staff

Giving Tech Gifts to Your Staff

No need to be a Scrooge! It’s a great time to get your gift giving sorted for the holiday season. We make it easy with Promote You’s gift webstore. Wondering what to get your employees? Looking to stay connected and engaged with your staff? Everyone loves tech accessories, and music is a universal language. Take a look at these tech-savvy ideas:

Bluetooth Speakers












Bluetooth speakers can go anywhere your staff goes. It shows your appreciation by sharing a high use entertainment item. You can go for the rugged, “take-me-with-you” styles, or a classy design-conscious style – so many possibilities!













Earbuds are a fantastic item to give to your employees as a gift. They are a high use item – from podcast to music marathon to audiobook, everyone can appreciate these little guys. They come in a variety of styles and price points. From coloured jelly styles to higher-end Bluetooth models, you can always find one for your budget and taste.


Phone/Tablet Dock



Equally thoughtful and useful, you can show your employees your gratitude this holiday season with a phone/tablet stand complete with a blue tooth speaker. Perfect for both at-home use and for travel purposes.




Audiophiles and transit commuters will love you for these! Full coverage for noise cancellation, no cords to get tangled, and they’ve got cool looks, too.

To take advantage of one of these great gifts, or to browse for other holiday ideas, visit our gift webstore here.


Yummy Holiday Rewards for your Clients and Employees

Yummy Holiday Rewards for your Clients and Employees


Yummy Holiday Rewards for your Clients and Employees

Food gifts are your perfect holiday choice! They have impact because they touch on ALL of the human senses. Food gifts quickly deliver the message of loyalty and commitment. That message will be retained for far longer than with other types of promotional products.

62% of businesses give food gifts during the holidays to thank their customers and/or employees for their dedication and relationship. A thoughtful gift like one of these shows that you are optimistic their commitment will remain strong in the year ahead.


Food Gifts Will Be Remembered

While a t-shirt or tumbler may be set aside, a food gift offers the opportunity to be remembered in an unique and memorable way. Also, with food gifts you can provide the immediate gratification of tremendous flavour while offering packaging that will be sure to be used long after the food is gone: food gifts can offer significant short and long term benefits.


A Personalized Touch

Food gifts are a great choice to show your clients what you mean to them with a luxurious, custom treat. They are a fresh, made-to-order gift. They represent the mutual gratification of your relationship. What better way to say you appreciate someone!

Check out more options from Chocolate Inn/Taylor & Grant’s E-flyer here.


Visit Promote You’s new online gift store for more great holiday ideas.