Promotional Products and Apparel

Warm Up With Hot Fall Layers and Outerwear

Warm up with hot fall layers and outerwear! Do your employees spend a lot of time outside while on the clock? These great pieces will show who they represent with quality and great looks.

Technical Clothing

Half-zips or full jackets, these Puma jackets are a great piece for high output activities. They are a great stand-alone garment, and also a super functional mid-layer, with Puma’s DRYCELL technology for wicking moisture. Your brand’s graphic will look slick no matter what decoration technique you use.



This Basecamp Thermal Jacket goes from offsite meetings to refrigerated storage then off to the mountains for the weekend with ease.


Style Wear

Fall is all about layering. This Roots73 vest makes it easy, and you can maintain your style, too. Brand placement is casual and clean, which makes it even more wearable for days off.

The Southland Hoody can be worn as a light jacket or a mid layer. It exudes a confident, casual style. Look at the great branding placements available on this garment:




Decoration Techniques

The possibilities are endless: Trimark has 6 different techniques available with HXD, Infusion and TrueEdge being exclusive to Trimark. Click here for more information on these amazing graphic styles or contact us.decoration-techniques