Promotional Products and Apparel

Decorated Shirts with Vibrant Branding

Use Trimark’s apparel and IMAGINEER CREATIONS to create decorated shirts and apparel for your brand.


Not sure what style you’re after? There’s polo shirts, activewear, cotton tees and more! The selection is almost endless. This Sarek short-sleeve cotton/polyester blend tee is available in black, white, and six different brilliant heathered colours.

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These are available from Trimark, the trendsetter for creative decoration techniques. They offer a wide array of different shirt styles and colours to complement your logos and make your brand stand out in a crowd.


Six Incredible Techniques Available

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The following decoration techniques are all available at the same price. Choose your size, choose your format, choose your colour: choose your great looking new apparel!

Embroidery: A traditional-looking and long lasting way to display your brand on garments. Available in 3D as well.

HXD: This process is exclusive to Trimark in North America. HXD is a cutting edge decoration technology that allows you to use custom colours, textures and metallic finishes to highlight your brand.

InFusion: With InFusion, your brand becomes one with the garment, creating a high-fashion look. It’s a completely breathable, undetectable to the touch method of decorating. InFusion has double the resolution of other styles and goes over zipper and seams.

PhotoGraffix: This is a super detailed, 4 colour process. It reproduces almost any colour has a photographic quality of a mininum 300 dpi!

True Edge 4 Color Process and True Edge Spot Color: Available in 4 colour process or PMS spot colour. True Edge is a high definition decoration that supports text as small as 8pt type.


For information about their techniques, logo placement and sizing, check out Trimark’s decoration page or contact us.