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Promotional Holiday Gifts: Food and Chocolate

Promotional Holiday Gifts

Food and chocolate make wonderful gifts for your clients during the holidays. Gifts of food speak to our instincts as human beings and are a sign of nurturing and hospitality.

Box of custom cookies

Ordering Promotional Products

It’s fun to play Santa, but it’s also smart to plan ahead so that you have the whole month of December to distribute your gifts rather than one very busy night! Give yourself at least two weeks to make contact with your clients and get your gifts to the right people – you don’t want to miss clients who are taking vacation time and also be aware that some businesses close early for the holidays.

cookies in a custom box

Promo Products in 2013

Chocolate, cookies and candies are excellent choices for holidays and promotion all year long. Start thinking about your order approximately one month before you want to receive your shipment – your order should be placed mid-month at the very latest.

custom chocolate bar for accounting service

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